Stimulus Use Policy


All images on this site are copyrighted to Jennifer E. Arnold, 2015. You may not sell these images or use them for any commercial business without explicit permission from Jennifer Arnold (UNC Chapel Hill, Dept. of Psychology).

These images and the experimental paradigms are provided free of charge for the purpose of not-for-profit research and educational purposes, as long as you meet the following criteria. This usage policy includes the right to use the pictures , linguistic stimuli, and background video in their current state, or in a modified format.

Your use of these stimuli constitutes an agreement to the following two conditions:

1. You cite our website and the first publication describing this work, as well as any subsequent publications in which modified stimuli were developed.

Rosa, E. C., & Arnold, J. E. (2017). Predictability affects production: Thematic roles can affect reference form selection. Journal of Memory and Language, 94, 43-60. DOI: 10.1016/j.jml.2016.07.007 [RosaArnoldFINAL]- final accepted manuscript

2. If you make modifications to these stimuli, you agree to share your modified stimuli with us (jarnold – at – email – dot – unc – dot -edu) so we can add them to the site and make them available for others.

We also hope that you will communicate your findings with us, and if you publish research using these stimuli, you notify us so we can list your publication.