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You are a tabloid photographer, and you were assigned to cover the manor of Sir Barnes and Lady Mannerly, who are very wealthy British people who are notoriously secretive. Your assignment was to get photographs of them and find out as much as possible about them to write an article. They do not have children, but they do have help who live in the manor as well, a butler and a maid, who are married, as well as a chef and a chauffeur. The butler is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the house, and is friends with the chauffeur. The chauffeur does the driving and keeps the automobiles maintained. The maid does the cleaning and helps serve the food. The chef is a motherly figure. Here is a diagram of the house, which you may find helpful. Under the guise of being a long-lost cousin, you were a guest at their manor over the weekend. Unbeknownst to them, you installed cameras all over the house and on their clothing, so you captured their every move. Shockingly, a murder occurred while you were there. The pictures from your cameras, which you haven’t even seen yet, have been taken as evidence to help solve the crime. You are going to review the photographs with a detective to help us piece together the crime. The photographs were time stamped originally, so you will view them in the order in which they were taken.

The detective knows some of the events from that weekend, but not everything. So the detective will describe the first event in each scenario and you will tell us, from the photo, what happened next. Now you will have the opportunity to see your photos, in order, before talking about them with the detective.