Arnold Lab Jaap Clue Stimuli

picture copyThis is the homepage for the Arnold Lab Jaap Clue Stimuli. The transfer stimuli were developed by Elise Rosa and Jennifer Arnold, with illustrations by Hillary Jaap. Subsequent studies developed variations on these stimuli, including stimuli to test implicit causality contexts.

The transfer stimuli designed to be used in an interactive, event-retelling task that was focused on eliciting referential expressions in a Clue-like murder mystery. The stimuli consist of 53 pairs of pictures which together depict a story. One goal in developing these stimuli was to provide a more interesting format for participants to interact with a lab confederate in an experimental setting. We wanted to develop an environment participants might be familiar with, and to  create illustrations that would allow participants to describe possible actions in a realistic manner.


Funded partially by:

the Stephenson/Lindquist fund at UNC Chapel Hill


NSF Grant 1348549 to Jennifer Arnold